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Speech at the Kensington and Chelsea Full Council Meeting

On the 24th July, Eleni Polychroniadou spoke at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Full Council Meeting on the importance of taking serious action on climate change and requested the council switched to 100% renewable energy procurement by 2020. 

Why I became an activist

For so many years, Eleni avoided activism like the plague. So what changed?

Why green building matters

Did you know buildings contribute over 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions? Green buildings represent an important opportunity to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. 

How to get started on climate action

Learn how to get started on climate action in five simple steps.

Can individuals make an impact?

Does individual action make a difference for climate change? Yes it does!

Understanding the environmental impact of products

Consumers are increasingly aware that products negatively impact the environment but understanding how to pick the one with the lowest impact can be complicated. The best example is the plastic vs paper straw – is paper really better?

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