We are a small team of individuals who are passionate about addressing climate change.

Eleni Polychroniadou

Eleni Polychroniadou is the co-founder and commercial director at Sintali, a company that quantifies and verifies the environmental impact of decisions, and helps organisations map out the road to net zero. She is currently on a mission to green every building on this planet. Eleni founded Climate Four in 2018 to provide individuals with a roadmap on how to take climate action. Eleni is a trained Climate Reality Leader and a Global Shaper in the London Hub, and has a degree in Environmental Policy from Middlebury College (USA).

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Yianna Papaioannou Sigalou

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Science Communication from UCL, Yianna is dedicated in communicating science in a simple yet accurate manner. She has diverse experience working in sustainability, from working at the Institute for European Environmental Policy to Zero Waste Europe where she handled media relationships, internal and external communications. She is passionate about the environment, dogs and train travelling, but most importantly she is determined to help in making Europe a more sustainable society.

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Rosie Dodd

Rosie Dodd is dedicated to normalising sustainability for individuals and businesses alike. After graduating with a master’s degree in Environmental Science, Rosie started working for Conservation International in the Pacific Islands with an interest in kaitiakitanga (restoration of the environment and local culture). In 2019, Rosie moved to the UK and joined thinkstep as a sustainability consultant where she conducts product life cycle assessments on behalf of clients and is developing expertise in sustainable packaging. Rosie believes it is essential to share knowledge and collaborate to help solve the climate emergency, shift to more circular economies and discover new opportunities for social and economic advancement in a more sustainable world!

Melisa Gooding

Melisa Gooding is passionate about fighting the climate crisis through innovation and collaboration. After an undergraduate in geography from the University of Exeter and studying the circular economy with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation she wants to accelerate the transition to a carbon free future. Her experience includes working for a renewable energy company, volunteering for a community solar project and upcycling. She seeks to communicate her knowledge and experiences around sustainability simply and effectively. In her spare time, you will find her upcycling or outdoors!

Nayomi Illansinhage Don

Nayomi Illansinhage Don is an enthusiastic biologist passionate about finding solutions to environmental change. With a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, a master’s degree in Advanced Forensic Analysis, she now works in a lab at Imperial College London, that focuses on
designing and testing genetically modified mosquitoes in order to eradicate malaria. She is passionate about nature, animals, hiking, and – of course – science, especially conservation and global health.

Anna Breu

Anna Breu has long been fascinated with the unique challenge of creating action around climate change and sustainability, and she holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Psychology from Middlebury College (USA). Anna works as an Associate Director at BTS in London where she focuses on strategy execution and creating change momentum in organizations, skills she likes to use outside work in the context of environmental issues. Anna is particularly focused on the role of her home country – the US – plays on the international stage, and is passionate about the potential of circular economies.

Julie Devoisins

Julie Devoisins is from France and has been living in the UK for 3 years. She has an MSc in Marine Mammal Sciences from the University of St Andrews. In 2018, she reconverted as an online health & fitness motivation coach and business mentor. She uses this new platform to raise people’s awareness on how to make more conscious choices in their lives and to be in harmony with our planet.

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Nicole Schaller

Nicole Schaller is passionate about creating effective positive environmental change in her community and learning about new sustainable technology. Graduating from American University with bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Psychology, she lives in Washington DC and works at a medical clinic’s communication department. Her goal on this platform is to make sustainability approachable and unintimidating. She is a proud parent to her basil plant Bartholomew.

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