Why COP24 Matters For All Of Us

The stakes are even higher given the IPCC report, which came out in October. According to the report (which is an incredibly comprehensive piece of work made up of hundreds of scientists ), a 2 degree rise in global temperature will cause irreversible damage to ecosystems globally. That means that the Paris commitments may not be stringent enough.

COP 21: Putting the Pieces Together for Private-Sector Action

On Saturday, Dec. 12, the world saw a historical moment – world leaders shook on the first climate agreement that actually meant something, or as the Guardian put it, solidified the end of the fossil fuel era. The 2015 United Nations climate change conference, commonly known as COP21, met in Paris and produced a 40-pageContinue reading “COP 21: Putting the Pieces Together for Private-Sector Action”