President Biden & the Climate: a year in review

The 1-year mark of Joe Biden’s presidency is fast approaching and as an environmentally-concerned American, this upcoming anniversary has made me curious to dig into Biden’s climate record. President Biden campaigned with a climate-friendly platform and promised to restore the United States’ presence on the international stage for climate policy. So what has actually happened…

What is Community Owned Energy?

You may have come across the term “community energy” recently, but what is it and what are the benefits?

Is It Time To Go Smart?

Let’s debunk some common myths around the smart network and look at the benefits for you and the environment when you switch to a smart meter.

There is Nothing Good About Fast Fashion

Stuck at home for so long, it’s quite possible that many will turn to the comfort of online shopping. Learn 5 main reasons why you should try to limit buying new clothes altogether, regardless of the current trends, season and mood.

Green Energy – It’s More Than Renewable Electricity

When you hear the phrase ‘green energy’ you might instinctively think of the ways we generate renewable energy for electricity. One of the key players which isn’t talked about enough is embodied energy – find out how we still have untapped potential to radically improve our sustainability by thinking about embodied energy.

Recycling Isn’t the Answer

Recycling is a well established waste management strategy for many developed nations. However, recycling is not always the best solution to improve environmental performance.

Why Green Building Matters

Buildings contribute over 15% to global greenhouse gas emissions but are often overlooked in climate mitigation strategies.

2019: The Year of Wildfires

We saw wildfires around the globe that lasted for many days and burned anything that stood in their way with fury, including homes, schools, churches, and in some cases, entire communities.

Setting the Net Zero Target – Why It’s No Longer Optional

We can’t wait any longer. It’s time for the business world and governments to show true leadership on climate action.   If we don’t meet net zero, we’ll have much bigger problems to grapple with than a missed target. 

Taking Back The Power

One thing has become clearer and clearer the longer I am in the sustainability field. To have even the remotest chance of reducing the impact of climate change, we need action across all levels of society – government, business, and local communities – and that needs to start on an individual level.

Why COP24 Matters For All Of Us

The stakes are even higher given the IPCC report, which came out in October. According to the report (which is an incredibly comprehensive piece of work made up of hundreds of scientists ), a 2 degree rise in global temperature will cause irreversible damage to ecosystems globally. That means that the Paris commitments may not be…

Is There Power In Incremental Change?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mentality that change only matters when it’s big and revolutionary. Particularly for those of us working in the field, we get impatient with small changes. But incremental change is better than no change, and we need to get better at accepting that.

COP 21: Putting the Pieces Together for Private-Sector Action

On Saturday, Dec. 12, the world saw a historical moment – world leaders shook on the first climate agreement that actually meant something, or as the Guardian put it, solidified the end of the fossil fuel era. The 2015 United Nations climate change conference, commonly known as COP21, met in Paris and produced a 40-page…

Climate Change: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The trial on global warming is reaching its climax. Climate change is perpetually featured in the news, from UN summits in Paris to climate deniers in the Senate. The Earth’s temperature is increasing; that fact is not up for debate. But what’s causing climate change? How much will the temperature increase by? Who will it affect? What will…


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