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Get the latest science and improve your understanding of climate change and sustainability

The dawn of a new era? A look at President Biden’s proposed climate policies

President Joe Biden has a unique opportunity to progress environmental policies and justice. 

Product circularity: is it always good for the environment?

Where does the concept of product circularity sit next to other sustainability metrics, and how can we generate the most meaningful understanding for how to optimise product sustainability from it?

Bio-plastics: a sustainability myth or a revolution?

Bio-plastics have been heralded as a solution to the plastic waste problem, but are they reducing the environmental impact as much as you think?

There is nothing good about fast fashion

Fast fashion has a serious impact on the environment. Learn five reasons why you should try to limit buying new clothes altogether, regardless of the current trends, season and mood.

Plastics: the story is more complicated than you think

When people use plastic for whichever reason that might be, does it balance out its production and recycling footprint?

Recycling isn’t the answer

Recycling is a well established waste management strategy for many developed nations. However, recycling is not always the best solution to improve environmental performance.

Understanding the difference between weather and climate – how does it relate?

Do you know what the difference is between weather and climate?

2019: the year of wildfires

We saw wildfires around the globe that lasted for many days and burned anything that stood in their way with fury, including homes, schools, churches, and in some cases, entire communities.

Is it time to go smart?

Debunk some common myths around the smart network and look at the benefits for you and the environment.

Green energy – it’s more than renewable electricity

When you hear the phrase ‘green energy’ you might instinctively think of the ways we generate renewable energy for electricity. But don’t be fooled – the story is more complicated than that!

Understanding the environmental impact of products

Consumers are increasingly aware that products negatively impact the environment but understanding how to pick the one with the lowest impact can be complicated. The best example is the plastic vs paper straw – is paper really better?

Setting the net zero target: why it’s no longer optional

We can’t wait any longer. It’s time for the business world and governments to show true leadership on climate action by setting net zero emissions targets.

Taking back the power

One thing has become clearer and clearer. To have even the remotest chance of reducing the impact of climate change, we need action across all levels of society.

Is there power in incremental change?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mentality that change only matters when it’s big and revolutionary. But incremental change is better than no change, and we need to get better at accepting that.

Why COP24 matters for us all

COP24 may not mean much to the average person, but these climate negotiations have a significant impact on our lives.

COP21: putting the pieces together for private-sector action

For COP21 to be successful, we need to see commitment from the private sector to advance climate action. 

Climate change: innocent until proven guilt

Debating whether climate change is caused by humankind or is a natural progression doesn’t address the fact that the climate is warming. Will we ever emerge from this debate?

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