Climate Activism During COVID-19

The very nature of climate activism changed once COVID-19 hit. And to be entirely honest, it’s hard to keep pushing for change, when you feel drained

A Decade of Climate: Can I Still Hope?

What I have noticed over the last decade is that my understanding of climate action has evolved. I used to think change happened from the top down – that’s why I studied policy in the first place. I still believe in the power of policy, but I also believe in the power of the collective.

I Am A Hypocrite, Too.

The word hypocrite makes my blood boil, truly. My eyebrows furrow and I get a glint in my eye, as I prepare my defensive speech. I don’t think I’m the sole person to react this way. Being called a hypocrite directly attacks a person’s values and identity. And yet here I am, acknowledging that I…

Standing Up for Change – It’s Scary

Lesson of the day: it is really frightening to stand in front of blocked traffic. We heard a lot of verbal abuse on Saturday, from profanities such as “you’re fucking wankers” to scathing remarks such as “you’re all losers on benefits, see you in prison” to “you should all be ashamed of yourselves, you are…

Speech at the Kensington and Chelsea Full Council Meeting

On the 24th July I spoke at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Full Council Meeting on the importance of taking serious action on climate change. I asked the council to commit to switching to 100% renewable energy procurement by 2020. Full clip below (please note that for first few seconds the microphone wasn’t…

One Burger At A Time

Reducing your meat consumption may sound unattainable, but it is easier than you think.

Taking Back The Power

One thing has become clearer and clearer the longer I am in the sustainability field. To have even the remotest chance of reducing the impact of climate change, we need action across all levels of society – government, business, and local communities – and that needs to start on an individual level.

#RiseForClimate — where do we go next?

On September 8, over 300 people stood together in London to #RiseForClimate and tell governments around the world that we want divestment from fossil fuels. No more vague promises. We want commitment to addressing climate change. We want real solutions.

The Changing Climate for Climate Change

Silence spread across thousands of people. Hands rose in the air in unspoken agreement. Sirens rang in the distance, but the people remained quiet. Suddenly, a grumble began in the far distance. A wave of sound started on 59th street, rolling across 30 blocks like a tsunami wave, growing to a screeching siren of alarm, an…


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