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Hear first-hand stories from individuals who are taking action and what they have learned

Climate Activism During COVID-19

The very nature of climate activism changed during COVID-19, but so did the energy to work on something that feels far removed.

A path untravelled: the train to Romania

What could be better than being accepted to travel to eight countries in two years to promote arts and culture?

I am a hypocrite, too

Being called a hypocrite directly attacks a person’s values and identity, so why would someone identify as that?

The changing climate for climate change

Community response to climate change is evolving. People are coming together to demand action from all actors in society.

A decade of climate: can I still hope?

A look back at the last ten years of climate action and whether it leaves hope or dismay in the future.

Standing up for change – it’s scary

Lesson of the day: it is really frightening to stand in front of blocked traffic.

One burger at a time

Reducing your meat consumption may sound unattainable, but it is easier than you think.

Rise for climate – where do we go next?

How do we follow the #RiseForClimate climate and ask the government to divest from fossil fuels?

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