I Am A Hypocrite, Too.

The word hypocrite makes my blood boil, truly. My eyebrows furrow and I get a glint in my eye, as I prepare my defensive speech. I don’t think I’m the sole person to react this way. Being called a hypocrite directly attacks a person’s values and identity. And yet here I am, acknowledging that IContinue reading “I Am A Hypocrite, Too.”

Standing Up for Change – It’s Scary

Lesson of the day: it is really frightening to stand in front of blocked traffic. We heard a lot of verbal abuse on Saturday, from profanities such as “you’re fucking wankers” to scathing remarks such as “you’re all losers on benefits, see you in prison” to “you should all be ashamed of yourselves, you areContinue reading “Standing Up for Change – It’s Scary”

Declaring a Climate Emergency: How to Avoid Greenwashing

Far and wide, we have seen councils, cities, and even businesses in some cases, declaring a climate emergency.  As of the end of July 2019, there are 901 jurisdictions across 18 countries that have made the declaration. A part of me celebrates this success – people are finally waking up to the reality that we are inContinue reading “Declaring a Climate Emergency: How to Avoid Greenwashing”

Speech at the Kensington and Chelsea Full Council Meeting

On the 24th July I spoke at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Full Council Meeting on the importance of taking serious action on climate change. I asked the council to commit to switching to 100% renewable energy procurement by 2020. Full clip below (please note that for first few seconds the microphone wasn’tContinue reading “Speech at the Kensington and Chelsea Full Council Meeting”

Why COP24 Matters For All Of Us

The stakes are even higher given the IPCC report, which came out in October. According to the report (which is an incredibly comprehensive piece of work made up of hundreds of scientists ), a 2 degree rise in global temperature will cause irreversible damage to ecosystems globally. That means that the Paris commitments may not be stringent enough.