Climate Four catalyses system change by empowering individuals to take action within their sphere of influence and shift the needle towards a zero carbon society

There has never been more urgency to act on climate. Every day, new scientific papers are published showing the damage that we are inflicting on the planet and the consequences of the way our society has been built. The planet is our home. It is where we get our food from and where we have built our communities. Without it, we have nothing.

It is frightening, and honestly really overwhelming, to think about the scale of change we need to implement. Only systemic change will get us to where we need to be to minimise the damage. And when it comes to systemic change, how can we as individuals make a difference?

That is why Climate Four exists. To help us realise that underneath the system we have built are individuals. It is individuals who drive government, it is individuals who drive global corporations, and it is individuals who can affect systemic change. For us to stand a chance at addressing climate change, we must all realise our power and start exercising it.

Climate Four gives individuals the tools they need to realise their power. Through a collection of information, insights and experiences, individuals can gain the expertise they need to drive change across all levels of society, from life at home all the way through to policy.

And if you’re wondering why we chose the name “Climate Four,” it’s because we try to keep the content digestible to four minute chunks. Life is hectic and very few people spend more than four minutes at a time reading – so we keep it short and sweet!

“The components of every single multinational, country and community, are people. Individuals are the ones who drive these powerful hubs forward.”

Eleni Polychroniadou, founder of Climate Four

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